Our Goals & Core Values


our customers with robust solutions at an affordable price


a single solution to run on all trading platforms for customers’ business logic


disparate financial technologies under a common interface in a single modular platform


high level of stability and availability by utilizing cloud based platforms, continues integration, modern testing and monitoring techniques

Ubiquitous API

Cloud Connected Financial's technology strength lies in its flexibility implementing solutions instantly applicable to wide array of trading platform. CCF utilizes a central API framework to achieve this goal. Namely CCF's Ubiquitous API, or UBI Api in short.

In its core the UBI framework adopts programming interfaces of proprietary trading platforms into a unified layer of abstraction, normalizing the language by which CCF's various products communicate with said platforms and each other.

This approach, of abstracting proprietary interfaces and protocols, allows CCF the flexibility to specify business logic in a generic way, making it immediately applicable across all trading systems implemented into the framework.

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