Brokerage Management Platform

A modular PaaS framework

With integration points to any number of trading platforms directly utilizing the capabilities of our UBI API layer. The BMP provides all necessary functionality to manage, market and maintain your brokerage from a single interface while giving you the flexibility to extend your market offering by amending new trading platforms at any time. The BMP includes the following modules:

Forex Back Office, Cloud Connected Financial, Traders Room, Traders Cabinet

Trader’s Portal

Allows your customers to have their own administrative interface. The individual trader portal, will let your traders manage their trading platform accounts, perform deposits using credit cards, open new accounts, review their trading positions, transfer or withdraw funds, update and upload their documents.


Real Time Updates

The BMP application connects to trading systems, via the UBI platform, in an on demand fashion. Meaning, whenever the application needs information it will fetch new data. For most customers we setup a daily batch job to fetch the latest balance and trade information into the BMP as a precursor to EOD operations. For those who require the BMP to reflect the state of the trading platform in real time we provide an added, event driven interface that populates data into the BMP application as the events occur.