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BMP Multi-tier IB management and automation

BMP Multi-tier IB management and automation

Part of a brokerage’s business is driven by a introducing brokers (IB) who have a direct relationship with traders (clients). In general, the IB does not manage the task of floor operations and trade execution for his clients but will make recommendations and delegate these tasks to a brokerage.

Across many brokerages, the concept of “Multi-tier” is often seen as a vital success component for the business and is used as such. This Multi-tier concept explains the structure of hierarchy in which there is a master IB(s) who can refer sub-IB(s) and who in turn can recommend traders, and other IBs. This is also known as a ladder structure and a good ladder structure will be able to generate a lot of trading volume and revenue for the business.

However, as a ladder continues to grow, it can be a very tedious task for the brokerage to manage the master IBs, the sub IBs, the traders and their interdependent relationships. With each trade the brokerage will need to calculate the commission distributed to each IB partner in the ladder. This is time consuming as well as error-prone.

To ease this process for you, here at CCFin, our Brokerage Management Platform (BMP) also includes a plugin that will automate those calculation. This plugin will enable the BMP to give your existing IBs the ability to construct their own Sub-Ib’s system. It will allow your IB’s to sign up an infinite number of IBs under them. These new sub-Ibs will also be able to construct their own Multi-tier system. After you set up the “rebates” for each master IB, the BMP will use those setting to compute the commission. In addition to this feature, the Multi-tier plugin can provide tracking and analytics across the entire ladder so that your IBs can review the trades of their referrals and the commissions generated.

When our BMP Multi-tier plugin was first introduced, we received feedbacks from clients saying that it was complicated and confusing to setup. A lot of trainings were required to setup the plugin and for brokers to get acquainted to the system. As your feedback is very important to us, we have recently improved our GUI for a better UX. We’ve implemented an IB ladder UI making it very straightforward for the admin to figure out how to set up the rebates.

In addition to this improvement, the new Multi-tier plugin also offers marketing materials (referral/affiliate links, banners, tracked campaigns…) for the IBs to create a powerful network utilizing our technology.

If you are interested in or have questions about our BMP’s Multi-tier plugin, contact us for a demo today.

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