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BMP Multi-tier IB management and automation

Part of a brokerage’s business is driven by a introducing brokers (IB) who have a direct relationship with traders (clients). In general, the IB does not manage the task of floor operations and trade execution for his clients but will make recommendations and delegate these tasks to a brokerage.

Across many brokerages, the concept of “Multi-tier” is often seen as […]

BMP Automation

At Cloud Connected Financial our Broker Management Platform (BMP) automates manual business processes that are highly structured, routine and rules- schedule- or event-driven, requiring little (if any) analysis or subjective judgement, that will consume employees time.

The average back office employee spends roughly 80% of their day on activities such as filling out forms, placing traders into groups, making repetitive calculations, […]

Forex Solutions: Improve Technology to Improve Volume

Forex Brokers are unequivocally looking to increase their volume because it drives profits.  I don’t think I’m going out on a limb by making that statement.  The most interesting thing happening in FX today is that Broker’s are seeing how utilizing new technology can help them increase volume.

I was watching Leverate’s keynote speech during a Forex Magnates summit and came across […]

Trader’s Room: What You Need to be Successful

There is so much to worry about when you run a brokerage.  Mitigating risk, aggregating currency pairs to LPs, business development, marketing and sales.  The list goes on and on.  Leverage technology so you can focus on what matters.  A Trader’s Cabinet is a great first step towards automating tasks to scale. This is our solution. […]

Introducing Broker Management: Payouts, Real Time Updating and More

Having added back office capability is paradoxically a front office benefit when you’re dealing with affiliates.  Affiliates get added features when you can let them tap in to your back office capabilities.  Automated rebate calculations?  Real time updates?  Manage and monitor your IB team in one location any time you sign in?  These capabilities are easily shared through IB portals […]

5 Benefits Introducing Brokers Bring to Retail FX

The 5 Benefits Introducing Brokers Bring to your Retail Forex Brokerage

At first glance, Introducing Broker programs are seen to add value only in one way:  bring you more traders.  Since that is the main goal of any brokerage, business development teams may at times get tunnel vision and forget all of the extra value IBs can bring you.  Introducing Brokers […]